The whole experience was wonderful, from the venue site to the excellent prepared dinner. Everyone around the table helped to make the evening great. Learning about the cuisine was so interesting. The Chef added so many lovely touches; sample of several wines and Georgian nonalcoholic drinks. Plenty of food. -Carla C., Brooklyn (A Vegetarian Taste of Georgia)


Marina was a charming, and wonderful host. She explained the food and enjoyed answering questions. Her cooking was fantastic and it was overall a really pleasurable meal and evening. -Claire R., Manhattan (A Vegetarian Taste of Georgia)


I loved the whole experience. Fantastic food and great company. -Anya W., New York (A Taste of Georgia)



Marina was a great host. She shared her knowledge of Georgian food and how she became so interested in it. She answered all of our questions. But, the real star of the night was the food. It was fantastic. We are still talking about the meal Marina served. Everything was utterly fantastic and it was probably one the best meals I’ve eaten in NYC. It was an unforgettable evening. -Ann W., Brooklyn (A Taste of Georgia)


Marina is a generous and talented chef. She can cook amazing food from a number of different cultures. My favorite dish from the Georgian Feast was the beet green salad with walnuts and pomegranate seeds – rich and flavorful, yet light at the same time. I’ve been trying to mimic it at home to no avail. I’ll certainly be back for more!! -Mara G., Brooklyn (A Georgian Feast)


Marina is an incredible chef. Not only because her meals are so delicious and unique, but because she is incredibly generous with her knowledge about ingredients, dishes, and cultural cuisine. Her food is tasty, fresh, local and spirited. I recommend Marina’s cooking to everyone I know and if I could, I would have her cook for me all the time! -Nora C., Austin, TX (A Georgian Feast)


It was so wonderful to be able to spend the dinner with the cook herself, to get to hear her thoughts on the dishes, her personal stories, and to be able to ask questions. The culinary cultural history is so interesting! -Matthew C., Austin, TX (A Georgian Feast)


Marina is an amazing chef. Her Georgian cooking is fresh, healthy and delicious…. Can’t wait to attend her future events. -Caroline C., Brooklyn (Georgian Supra with The Georgian Table)


Fabulous meal! The food was phenomenal! Marina explained the history behind the food and her story. She also sat down and mingled with everyone which was fabulous. Would highly recommend! -Jillian L., New York, NY (Georgian Supra with The Georgian Table)


Big thanks to Marina for preparing such delicious and beautiful food. As a result of this dinner, I feel I have a broader understanding and appreciation of Georgian food and am even more eager than I already was to seek it out. I would recommend Marina’s Georgian dinner to anyone – wonderful food! -Meg C., New York, NY (Georgian Supra with The Georgian Table)



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