Mid-Summer Feast Follow Up

Photos: Melissa Danielle

August’s feast was a smashing success! This month, it took place in the beautiful backyard of my generous friends Vered Raz and Olivier Grange.

Vered and Olivier at the inaugural Salt & Pomegranates feast

Vered and Olivier at the inaugural Salt & Pomegranates feast

Vered and Olivier have turned their urban backyard into a welcoming, sublime retreat in the heart of Bedford-Stuyvesant. Hosting the feast under their canopy tent was a delight!

I’m quite happy with the breadth and variety of the menu. I had originally planned a mostly Persian menu, but then switched it up in the preparation and it became more evenly balanced between Persian and Georgian. One of my guests was an Iranian-American woman who used to live in Georgia (no pressure here!). She told me that she and a colleague once dreamed of opening a Persian/Georgian restaurant because the cuisines complement each other so well (indeed, they do!). She gave the meal high marks, and I could breathe a sigh of relief.

Above, I’ve included a selection of photos from the evening, all taken by my friend and colleague Melissa Danielle. You can browse the rest of the album on Facebook. The next feast hasn’t been scheduled yet, but I’m aiming for the end of September. Write me to be added to the invitation list.

Here’s the final menu from the Mid-Summer Feast:

Assorted Pickles (turnips, cucumbers, green plums, homemade carrot)
Sabzi Khordan (Persian Fresh Herb & Vegetable Platter)
Doymaj (Persian Feta & Walnut Dip)
Badridzhanie Mtsvanilit (Georgian Eggplant Salad with Walnuts & Herbs)
Cucumber and Watermelon Salad

Katmis Bazhe (Baked Chicken with Georgian Walnut Sauce)
Chicken Kebab (marinated in saffron and yogurt)
Basturma of Lamb (Georgian Kebab)
Adzhika (Georgian Pepper Sauce)
Tkemali (Georgian Plum Sauce)

Nan-e Barbari (Persian Flatbread with Nigella Seeds)
Zereshk Polow (Persian Barberry Rice)

Bastani-e gol-o bolbol (Saffron Ice Cream Sandwiches)
Faludeh (Rice Stick Sorbet with Sour Cherry Preserves)

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  1. Emily
    August 23, 2014 at 3:28 am

    I am so impressed by your passion, Marina 🙂

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